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Ride with your Wildbody

Mounted and Unmounted Wildbody Classes

This class is being offered for riders and non-riders who are looking for ways to use their intuition to be in the moment both in life and on their horse. This freedom is already there in each of us but sometimes we all need a ground person! I will be using riding as the focus of our experience but I see it as a metaphor for living, as well.

Horses are herd animals who speak Equus, a body language. By turning our attention to their way of communicating through the body, we can easily step into the role of leader for them.

Developing as an intuitive rider comes through deep awareness of the quality of movement and habits of movement in your body. When you can clearly feel yourself, you can then feel the horse and that’s where the magic happens. This power of feel gives you the ability to ride any trained horse with grace and connection.

Something happens between two beings who are available for good alignment in movement. That is what I find most intriguing. It’s a profoundly creative experience, unpredictable and knowable when it happens. This is what I want for the horse and the rider.

I am a dancer, rider, artist and adventurer. I have been riding since I was a little child with my parents who both rode. Movement is one of the fascinating mysteries I enjoy exploring. Over the years, in addition to riding, I’ve danced ballet professionally, studied with a brilliant dance anatomist in an attempt to understand where movement comes from. Currently, I am involved in a Feldenkrais practice.

In the class, we are going to tell our stories with our bodies. We are going to move using our senses for focused discrimination with as much ease as we can. This is going to bring us into the moment and thus into awareness in a special way, without the barrier of habitual effort.

I can promise:
A profound personal sense of being awake, alert, at the same time quiet so your choices

can align with what you want. An understanding of your own balance.

An awareness of the internal environment that governs the ability to sense your position in space.

A sense of moving with the horse so that the hands can be soft. A refined sense of what the horse is doing and what it needs.


Please join me. It will be fun!

Page Ogden, 2018 

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