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Page Ogden, Equestrian and Artist
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My projects have been commissioned by public agencies and corporations in the United States and abroad, including the Socrates Sculpture Park, the Department of Ports and Terminals, and the Riese Corporation in New York City; the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson; and the Modvani Group in Lake Victoria, Uganda.  

My work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions, including Manhattanville College in Purchase, New York; the Chris Davidson Gallery in Newburgh, New York; the Albert Backus Museum and Gallery in Ft. Pierce, Florida; and the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. In New York City I have shown at the Armstrong Gallery, Interact Gallery; Gallery Five, and the Women’s Resource Center.


If you want to learn more about my career do not hesitate to take a look at my resume, click here!

My artist practice comes from the curiosity and excitement of discovering and creating relationships between materials, space, light, and the felt sense of an experience.  


Essentially, my process is building while moving toward reduction and simplicity.  I work both backwards and forwards gathering inspiration from materials, ideas or the site. Sometimes an idea calls for exploration of materials; other times a shape is looking for meaning and still in other opportunities, a place is calling to be known.


The maquettes are mounted on bases and so are meant to be seen as sculptures as well as models for sited sculpture. This is play. Reducing the scale of an object, then siting it in an imaginary landscape creates a symbol that resonates with pleasure and presence.


The drive to make vertical wood and steel pieces is guided by the visual influence of structures as diverse as sailboat rigging, oil wells, trees and fragments of ruins.  I have a fascination with the space that is created between elements.  I use materials to highlight the emptiness between stillness.

If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning an artwork, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you for looking at my website.

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